Get assistance implementing ISO standards such as:
ISO 9001 - Quality management
ISO 14001 - Environmental management systems
Sometimes companies are certified to multiple standards from
various industries, and have more than one quality manual or quality
Combining the requirements from multiple standards into one quality
system is our specialty.
If you would like to see everything about ISO, you can
click here to
go to the ISO website! If you would like to buy ISO standards, you
can go to their store here.
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Do you need certification by API? We can provide  you assistance
you need to make the process easier for you.
Click here to see the
program requirements on the API website.
Contact us if you need
a safety plan in
accordance to 29CFR
1910 or 29CFR 1926.
If you already have an
OSHA safety manual
and want us to review
and revise it, If you
want to see the
requirements on the
OSHA website, Click
Get Assistance with:
  • Welding Procedure Specifications -  
    Prequalified and Qualified by Testing
  • Procedure Qualification Records
  • Welding Personnel Qualification Records

Need a CWI or Owner inspection?

CWI and owner inspection services are
available for any of your projects anywhere
in the world.

Do you want AWS to certify your fabrication

We can provide assistance getting your
fabrication facility certified by AWS. To
learn more about this program you can
here to go to the AWS Website.
Clark County's TG-1-2006
If you are fabricating steel to be erected
in Clark County, Nevada, you will
probably need to get approved to their
standard TG-1-06a.
Click here to see the
requirements on the Clark County
Website. And, if you would like to talk to
our clients who have achieved this
click here and send us a
Do you need certification from
Or, approval for Clarke County
Need OSHA compliance?